Thursday, 24 January 2013

Latest Essential Motorbike Kit

So you have a helmet and leather and footwear. It is to keep your bike to perfection, and I can not wait to jump on the chair and take her for a spin. But is there any other part of the group that you should take with you?

What clearly take with you depends on where you are going and for how long, if you know the area and the type of error that covered. But there are some things that never go out of style and can be very useful in a pinch. So we've prepared a short list of what we consider to be essential if you ride a 50cc scooter or 1000CC group Superbike.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Model Latest Honda Streetbikes

Golden Pavilion F6B download still with all the accessories you would expect gold wing, but the look is all new and modern. Although it still maintains the front horizontal six-cylinder engine and double mast strong aluminum frame completely different. Long, low gold and aggressive new wing is available at the end of the standard or luxury black or red on both models. The standard model of luxury package sale 19,999 $ $ 20.999 with what is happening. The new wing be available in February.

Honda CBR400R in India

Honda Honda CB500F ABS CB500F price in India.The 2013 along with 500 other brother fills a gap in the line of Honda models of extinction in the growing market for medium weight. And CB500F do a little of both worlds working environment by balancing easy ride tour of the city with decent features. Rational design is part of the inspiration of the CB1000R. DOHC engine is fuel injected liquid cooled, 8 - valve double parallel, which produces 47bhp 43nm torque, is expected to return to 27 km / liter containers mounted sane conditions.The tube CB500F Honda 41 mm steel with a fork telescopic, Pro-Link single alloy wheels with shock preload adjustable rear, 17-inch tires 120/70 (front) and 160/60 (rear) and disc brakes at both ends, with optional ABS. The bike weighs 190 fully loaded kg, including fuel 15.7L mentioned tank.Price Honda bike ABS CB500F in India after that

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Latest Model BMW F650GS Launched in India

Off-road qualities F650GS impressive. Motorcycles have a heel measuring 19 inches in front and 17-inch rear disc brakes available on both sides. It proved to the front suspension and dampers are provided telescopic arrangement (Amendment) of the commentary in the back.

The car also working mainly ABS way to convince monsters. Surprisingly, the car will be very useful for people of average height seat 820 mm. Good driving position and off-road qualities makes BMW F650GS 2013 (a) cycling campaign on the Indian roads.

New Yamaha 250cc Sport Bike for India

Chief Executive of Yamaha Motor India Hiroyuki Suzuki directory on a Yamaha bike sports 250CC, which is expected to model year for the first time in 2014, has been growing, that the head of a "strong" quarter-liter sports bike for the Indian market from next year's model.
Taking the place of sports bike YZF-R15 150ccc Yamaha, is likely to look similar to the R125-YZF Yamaha (as described above), Yamaha hopes to compete on an equal footing with bikes like the Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250/300, and other manufacturers Indian hero models Bajaj MotoCorp.
Expected to markets outside India, Yamaha YZF-R250 is likely to be available in Europe and North America. However, more than one year before the start, one has to wonder if Yamaha will be too late for the party than a quarter.
"Manufacturers of motorcycles in India meet the specifications developed and sophisticated markets occurs at a lower cost," said Suzuki while talking to financial realities. "The price is almost double in the Japanese market. R15 We ship to Japan to test the market, and if the response is good, we can explore more of the products exported to Japan and other developed markets.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Latest New model Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300

Named after the Japanese bird of prey capable of speeds of over 300 km / h, Suzuki Hayabusa is designed for maximum performance and represents the pinnacle of sport bike engineering and style. The new Hayabusa 2013 is the first in a series of Suzuki Sport Bike anti-lock brakes to provide (ABS) to improve braking performance and avoid locking the wheels due to road conditions or changes overbraking.

New model Honda CB500F

Any rider a much smaller step of the machine license or A2 and naked CB500F, which is part of a new family of motorcycles, including the CBR500R fully faired and Sport CB500X is real average with compact dimensions, performance and agile handling clutch.
Sharing a common framework and machinery engine sits all three rounds and unique and contain personal and design modified position, and will appeal to a wide range of riders, and adaptive capacities covering a wide range of uses, from the movement and sports and travel, and.
While focused, CB500F CB500X CBR500R in different directions, as they are easy to manage and implement all aspects of the process similar to the excellent performance. And blessed with agility and light weight and the handover of power, but are fun attractive to ride in each scenario.