Sunday, 22 December 2013

New Model Honda CTX700N 2014

The road seemed much more interesting than it was when I was rolling along the new 2014 Honda CTX700 . Presented with the gift of travel and efficiency of the windshield on the offensive line , and CTX700 has features that are ideal for exploring all that the road can offer make partner. It starts with a great runner residence , thanks in large part to the comfortable seat is only 28.3 inches high support is useful in all parts of the city. Then there is the powerful engine , smooth running with a 670cc twin cylinder inclined forward 62 degrees to improve weight distribution and low center of gravity to address intelligent. There is also the option of an easy to use automatic transmission dual separator ( DCT ) or a six-speed manual as standard and DCT allows riders to choose immediately between the active fully automatic mode or the gear selection option through the " palette - Convert " type buttons on the steering wheel . Better yet, and CTX700D also comes equipped with the system, antilock brakes ( ABS) . With wide powerband , light and agile , spacious and places to ride smoothly handling car and travel CTX700 excels at long range , but these qualities also make it a weekend warrior or a broker wonderful day. With all this and much more , all in one package and at very reasonable prices, and get out and see the destination you've been wanting to visit the Honda CTX700 .

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Honda's new 2014 CTX700 motorcycle

Showing for the first time the international community for motorcycles and riding bikes in the show this year in Chicago, CTX700 is designed to provide the highest levels of comfort to all stakeholders, regardless of their experience and the size body. And CTX700N is the "naked" version of the same bike, while being equipped with automatic transmission and submodels brake anti-lock dual clutch D to be accessible to a new special drivers. Honda expects the combination of these features and the cost of entry is quite low (CTX700N has a suggested retail price of the United States 6999, with submodels D cost around $ 1,000 more) help attract a new group of pilots in the world of motorcycles.

Friday, 13 December 2013

New Model Honda Rebel 250 CMX250C 2014

Whether you're looking for a classic cruise, passengers and fuel efficient fun or flat, all roads lead to the rebels. It has a 234cc four-stroke, and that's enough for Dodd new riders, yet powerful enough for more experienced motorcyclists. And also has a low seat height that is comfortable and confidence-inspiring, and a five-speed much this ensures that electric starter gets going with the push of a button. Also, you can get the kind of reliability and low maintenance Honda is known for all at a low price is shocking. No wonder the Rebel has long been one of our best selling bikes.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New bike models 2014

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