Friday, 22 June 2012

Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade Style 2012

Take a look at this new FIREBLADE CBR1000RR 2012! New sports bike CBR is not a little Different with the current version. Yes, this one and more aggressive looking with a sleek 12 - spoke aluminum wheels, more angular front end and revised tail. But not Much more in the design, right.What you should look at this new Honda CBR FIREBLADE was completely new and revised Be proud of the performance of the best rides. Dual tube shock design background, and a large piston Showa Technology on the front forks 43mm overlap, and the development of new fuel-injected 999cc -4 Built the engine, that guarantee a smoother response and more accurate in your ride with Superior damping and improved traction.

Honda CBR1000RR Motorbike 2012

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