Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR 2012.2013

We had a good response for each of our 2011 article in Charisma HH-R, and His Highness, 2011 Charisma, ZMR. And so he decided to have a team bharathautos compared between motorcycles alike.While there has been a flood of new and charisma in the past two months, and select one of the two has become more difficult than ever before, if asked the same manufacturer Almost the same engine, quality, style and performance in a slightly different set.Azhar and Affaque help narrow the choices.For a moment, forget the time of 2003-04, when sales of newly launched Charisma is Off, as it was the first and only wants the fourth quarter liters (almost too) sports Motorcycles in India. Fast forward to 2007, when the premium segment bikes in India and heating Even with the best machinery, sales and charisma and is still going on despite surprise The bike itself has undergone significant improvements. Why sell so well? Well, for One of them, so that the dog of my friend I say that charisma was undoubtedly one of the  best Sports cars in the country with an enviable reliability. And the charisma and was also "Face to Turner Janata gift to us from hunger. Hero Honda as he was to add a belly and The "R" in the title for the 2007 model year, and was an admirer of the crowd is a difficult question beyond the limit. when News that floated back charisma to the year 2010, more convinced that it is Be the HH last bike designed in Adobe Photoshop ™ engineering facilities.

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